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KC Cauldron to host meet the players rally Monday

Editor's Note: There are plenty of great soccer fans in Kansas City that I have had a chance to talk with during my time as a fan/blogger. I've had the most contact with members of the Cauldron. Robert Houghton, Kathie Thomas and Mike Kuhn were very helpful when I profiled the section for Ink in 2008 and Joe Tregellas, Jeff Szajnuk and Sean Dane have been very helpful in promoting and contributing to this blog's success. Those are just a few of the people who have helped directly. It's the section where I sit when I go to games because I like to be in the thick of the action. So, when the current leadership asked if I would post a letter to the fans from The Cauldron, I didn't even hesitate to answer: Of course. This is a blog designed to provide news to you, the fans of Sporting Kansas City, and to also be a resource/outlet for the soccer community in Kansas City. This qualifies, to me, as both. You can click here to read more on their newsletter. To the fans of soccer and SKC: