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Episode Three of our Stoppage Time podcast has landed

Caution: The third episode of Stoppage Time comes in a tad long (29:30, we're sorry!) but it is absolutely filled to the brim with Sporting KC talk, an epilogue on Jack Jewsbury's career in KC, a whole minute devoted to the Missouri Comets, reader mail, a spirited game of "overrated/underrated/properly rated" and a trivia contest!

Full 90 editor/creator/No. 10 Charles Gooch is joined by his trusted soccer sidekick Pete Grathoff. Without further preamble:

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And, as a courtesy to us, please feel free to let us know if there's anything you'd like to hear (or anything you'd like to


hear) on the 'cast. We're still sort in the experimental phase and any (and all) listener feedback is appreciated!