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Ten off-kilter ideas for Sporting KC's possible kit sponsor

Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber announced last November that every MLS team likely will have a sponsor on the front of its jersey this year.

So when can we expect Sporting KC to announce its sponsor? Well, that’s anyone’s guess.

On this week’s Full 90 podcast of “Stoppage Time” Charles Gooch and I discussed some darkhorse candidates. You can listen to it


To get you ready for the world’s greatest soccer podcast, here are 10 other admittedly off-kilter suggestions for shirt sponsors for Sporting Kansas City.

10. Trader Joe’s.

There certainly are a lot of people who are excited about this chain of stores coming to Kansas City. And we can all envision “Two-Buck Chuck” night at the new stadium.

9. Allstate.

There would be something ironic about a soccer team being sponsored by an insurance company that is known to some as the “good-hands people.”

8. AEG.

Sure, Anschutz Entertainment Group owns the Los Angeles Galaxy, but they could write a huge check to Sporting Kansas City’s owners. And AEG runs the Sprint Center, so there is a local tie.

7. Omaha.

Think about it: A walking tourist billboard for the city in Nebraska. Omaha should consider spending its money on SKC’s jerseys and not on its tourism arm. An added bonus: The team could play the Counting Crows’ song at its home games.

6. Pepto-Bismol.

Perhaps the team could have a third jersey that is pink. And given how the team has played the last few years, there’s no question the fans have needed something to quell a queasy stomach.

5. The Simpsons.

What better promotion for a TV show could a network want than this? And what non-soccer fan wouldn’t snap up a Simpsons Sporting Kansas City jersey?

4. The National Lacrosse League.

This pro sports league certainly has a lower profile than MLS. This would be one way to get the league’s name out there.

3. Oprah Winfrey.

No, don’t mention her network. Just have her name on the front of the jersey. That’s it. Nothing else. The team would reach a whole new audience. And I think she probably could afford it.

2. Kit Kat.

Not only a tasty candy bar, but SKC fans can say their team has Kit Kat on their kits. Clever, eh?

1. Boulevard beer.

Had to throw a serious suggestion here in at the end. This regional company’s, um, product would certainly win over fans elsewhere in the country.

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