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Listen Up! The first Full 90 podcast has dropped

Episode 1: A New Beginning

For the first episode of Stoppage Time (titled: A New Beginning), editor/creator/trequartista of The Full 90 Charles Gooch (moi) is joined by his Kansas City Star colleague (and Full 90 super-sub) Pete Grathoff for a just under 25-minute discussion.

And there was much rejoicing. Not so much for the podcast arriving, but for the dedication it took to reign our convo to that time limit.

During Part 1, Pete and I break down the latest news surrounding Sporting KC -- including the Kevin Ellis signing, Teal Bunbury's injury and Omar Bravo. After a quick musical interlude, The Star's soccer brain trust return for Part 2 to solve MLS' odd playoff problem(s). We also play a rousing game of "What Do We Call KC's Soccer Team This Week?"

Music for the 'cast provided by the excellent band The Threes. They rock. Really. We're beyond stoked to have their music as part of our 'cast. We use the song "Honey (I Think You Know)" from their album Head Voices. I've heard some of their new stuff, I can't wait to incorporate it into the 'cast. For more on them, check out

for more.

Click here to get it.

For the time being, the podcast is in beta mode and will be available via Posterous. From there, you can add it to your RSS reader if you'd like. We hope to have it up on iTunes in the near future as well as through an embedded player on the blog. We'll keep you posted as we get better with the technology.