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Zavagnin updates Sporting KC camp, MLS won't go to Winter schedule

File these under: Things That Couldn't Wait Until Tomorrow. I usually stash anything cool I find and save it to stock the Morning Kickoff every morning. On Monday, too many things happen in our little corner of the soccer world.

First! Thad at the Back Post was in on a press conference with Sporting KC assistant coach Kerry Zavagnin (I had to miss it, sadly).

He's got a ton of good information

and I'm not going to repost it all here, but let's pick out a few gems from KZ.

"I would say (trialist Milos) Stojčev, although it's only been a few days, there's certainly things you notice about him. He is very technical, he's quick with the ball, he's a left footed player that can (play) both in the center of midfield but also out wide as one of the wingers so his versatility is certainly in act as we are looking for players in that center midfield and a little bit of depth out wide. That's what attracted us to him in the first place. ... He is out of contract, he's on trial with us indefinitely. He could stay for the remainder of the pre-season. Like a lot of these guys, we are going to have to come to a consensus sooner rather than later. We do have a little bit of time with as he just joined us in the last couple days. He is a Serbian player, a product of Red Star Belgrade and has played in the Serbian league. As you would expect from a lot of Eastern Europeans, he is a technical player, I think he can handle the physicality of our league and he's young. I believe he is 24 years old. There is a lot of upside to the player, it's just whether at the end of the day he continues to impress and whether he fits into the final picture taking the international slots into account."
"I think when we return back down here to Arizona for the second phase it will be very close to the final team. Obviously things can come up in the last moments and we have till the middle of April to sign international players, or any players for that matter. I think there are some players, take a guy like Julio (Cesar Santos Correa), he may have other options abroad that we would have to make a decision in the coming week on him. It would be hard to stretch a guy like that out. Other guys that are in camp such as (Adda) Djeziri, (Callum) Butcher, (Shelon) Bateau, (Daneil) Cyrus, those are guys that I would think we would be able to bring throughout the rest of our preseason. I cannot confirm the situation with Stojčev but as he just came into camp with us it would only be fitting that he comes back for the second half if he continues to impress. So it varies from player to player but I think we could have them for the remainder for most of them."
"Gor Kirakosyan is a young player who hasn't yet (gone) to college, he does hold a green card I believe but is a young dynamic attacking midfielder. But the issue with him ... will most likely come down to his fitness as he hasn't been in a professional environment very much. It's going to be interesting to see how quickly we can bring him along to cope with the fitness of our league. And finally Scott Lorenz who we had in on trial last year. Has experience in the second division and has matured a lot in his short time in the USL. Left side player who we found last year but came to our Kansas City combine before we came to Arizona."

There's plenty more, including how the draft picks are doing, more on the game from Saturday and Zavagnin's thoughts on the main trialists in camp.

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• Sporting Kansas City backed out of today's weighted lottery,

with the Philadelphia Union winning the rights to Chris Agorsor.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber says the league isn't going to a winter schedule any time soon.