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Sporting KC sees first preseason action today against Columbus

Couple of things to chew on this brisk Saturday morning.

First: Sporting Kansas City takes on Columbus at noon in Phoenix for the first preseason game of the year. The Star doesn't have anyone on the ground in Arizona, so we'll try and provide you a recap later as best we can. UPDATE: A Crew fan is apparently going to live-stream the game. You can watch it



Two: If you missed it, the team put up

a Q with fitness coach Mateus Manoel yesterday

. He wasn't with the team for all of last year, and he might be the most important non-player move the team made. He's not a bad translator either.

Three: Major League Soccer will announce the 2011 regular season schedule on Thursday. Yes, just five short weeks before the start of the season.

Four: The second installment of

our series "Tactical Thinking" was up yesterday