The Full 90

The Morning Kickoff: The unescapable scourge of snow!

for the snow ... am I right?

First, a dose of soccer news.

U.S. forward Charlie Davies will join D.C. United for a week-long evaluation period ahead of a possible 12-month loan deal.

Could make Handball United very interesting.

No team announcement yet, but the MLS All-Star Game (the third-least important American All-Star Game) will take place in

Red Bull Arena


Well, maybe

the Cosmos aren't a lock

as the MLS' 20th team.

Landon Donovan thinks LA

might be special this year


A look at the

reconstruction of the Chicago Fire roster


Looks like the

Cascadia Summit has sold out was

a good idea.

Qatar wants to build a competitive team for the 2022 World Cup.

Good luck.

Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea were all victorious yesterday. But the more pertinent news for Americans,

Brad Friedel set the Aston Villa record for oldest player

. No, wait, Wayne Rooney rediscovering his form, Arsenal getting a good win over Everton and Chelsea getting Fernando Torres are all probably more pertinent.

Think you're pretty good at FIFA '11? Yeah, I thought I was okay as well. Then I watched this. It's just not right.

Now, for something else

Few things about me: I love winter (cold doesn't bother me) and snow (it's like pretty rain) and movies (what very-soon-to-be 32-year-old male doesn't?).

Because of the Snowpocalypse (or Snowmageddon or Blizzard of Oz or snOwMG! or The Snow-Me-In State Blizzard or the Snowgasm of '11 or Snowtorious B.I.G. or Frozen White Death Falling From the Sky Day or Tuesday or whatever nomenclature you wish to impart on yesterday), I was thinking that, even though I used to write a column about movies for Ink magazine, I never once compiled the list of my favorite movies about winter/snow (or where winter/snow are a central fixture).

That list is as follows:

1) The Thing