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The Morning Kickoff: The preseason is finally here

The Morning Kickoff will be a little spotty this week, as actual news (preseason camp) will probably carry the blog this week.

There's also this little business of me celebrating the Pittsburgh Steelers reaching the Super Bowl. Again. Last time I'll mention it... maybe.

• So, as per team policy, Sporting KC president Robb Heineman tweeted about a trialist. Last week, he said a "La Liga" defender would be in camp. Last night, he tweeted the name "Julio Cesar Santos." There are a few "Julio Cesar Santos'" in the world. The smart money on which "Julio Cesar Santos" is coming to KC would be

this one.

The guy with twice as many teams as Steeler Super Bowl victories (14>6). He's a Brazilian with a wikipedia entry entitled "Professional Journeyman." He last played in Portugal, which is where the team spent a deal of time scouting last year. I want to reserve full judgment until I see him play.

• Worth reminding if you missed it: Sporting KC's

Teal Bunbury scored the only goal (on a PK) for the United States
an internet phenomenon.

• As I was a little pre-occupied last night, I didn't get to post about

the Missouri Comets pulling off a come-back victory yesterday in Omaha.

• Did the Seattle Sounders back-up the money truck to offer Atletico Madrid's Diego Forlan a contract? According to

a report out of Italy,

they have. How much would it take to bring Forlan stateside? And, would he be the best player in the league immediately?

• The

state of affairs in the lower tiers of American soccer

is pretty disheartening.

• In the wake of

off-mic comments about lineswoman Sian Massey Sky Sports announcers Andy Gray and Richard Keys have been suspended

for tonight's Chelsea-Bolton match.

• In England, Clint Dempsey scored a double (Deuce with a deuce?) and Jonathan Spector scored (again).


<a href="" target="_new" title="">PL Highlights: Fulham/Stoke</a> <a href="" target="_new" title="">PL Highlights: Everton/West Ham</a>

• Honduras, sans KC's Roger Espinoza,

lifted the Central American Cup.

• The Asian Cup semifinals, sans soon-to-be-ex-KC striker Sunil Chhetri, go down tomorrow.

Japan plays South Korea Australia takes on Uzbekistan.