The Full 90

January stadium update: That new stadium feel

There should be ample acoustic advantages when this thing is done. There are still trucks on the field. The grass will probably go down on April 1. It’s not been a perfect process
Give the masons a hand.
Does it meet ADA requirements?
The videoboards. Lights! Speakers! Encased in glass.
Speaking of suites... The grand stairs on the eastern side of the stadium are mostly in place. Inside the Supporter’s Club.
*Personally, I'm still sort of blown away by the concept of this. A place inside the stadium for all members to congregate that will also serve as a meeting place for when games aren't taking place? Fantastic. And it's really huge, have I said that yet? On the “Bridge.” Can it get bigger? The extra space. I’ll have more later. Some Thoughts on Seating.