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Will KC play Portland, Los Angeles and Montreal this preseason?

This might feel a bit like an REO Speedwagon song: "I heard it from a friend who... heard it from a friend who."*

*But, unlike REO Speedwagon, I hope you won't regret enjoying this post immediately after you come to your senses.

Whatever, here goes: So, Mike at

Down The Byline has linked to a podcast

where the captain of the Montreal Impact, Nevio Pizzolitto, reveals that there will be a four-team tournament in Arizona this preseason involving Sporting Kansas City, Montreal, the Portland Timbers and Los Angeles Galaxy. The Impact currently play in the second tier of North American soccer; they will join Major League Soccer in 2012.

I can't speak to the veracity of this rumor, but it would be nice to get a game against a team that SKC won't play during the regular season. I'll see if I can get anything on the record from the team soon.