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Catching up with Jack Jewsbury

We caught up with midfielder Jack Jewsbury and got his thoughts on the offseason.

Have you been able to rest since the season ended?

"The first few weeks for me is kind of an unloading time, just relax, hang out with the family, but after that you’ve pretty much got to get right back into it, so you’re not behind at the start of preseason. They’ve given us an offseason workout program that if you follow you’ll come in and be feeling good. I’ve been sticking to that and just basically running. There are not a lot of guys around to be able to go knock the ball around and obviously the weather is not very conducive to that either. I’m just running and trying to stay fit so that part is taken care of when I go back to preseason."

What do you think of the new team name and uniforms?

"I think it’s good. If there ever was a time to do it, this was it with the stadium. I think the colors are great. I like the light blue mixed in with the dark blue that everyone is accustomed to the last few years. I think it’s a good thing, a good change and I hope our fans can appreciate everything this organization is doing. It might take some time for some of them to kind of grasp everything that is going on, but I think in the long run, it’ll all make sense for them."

-- Pete Grathoff, The Kansas City Star