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The Morning Kickoff: Rooney to MLS? Well, sorta

Just like Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho, Harry Kewell, et al, another international star is setting his sights on the bright, shiny soccer mecca of the United States... this time it's Rooney.

Wait, what? It’s not WAYNE Rooney it’s JOHN Rooney? Wayne’s little brother? And he’s not just joining a team, he’s entering the MLS SuperDraft in January?

Um... what?

The kid-brother of Manchester United’s problem child/wunderkind, Rooney has seen some action on this side of the pond, most recently trailing with both Portland and Seattle in August. He turned down a contract offer from Macclesfield in England’s League Two to sign for MLS. This... this is pretty confusing. had an interview with John yesterday.

Rooney is an attacking midfielder and, unless someone sees Rooney on the sheet and panics, he’ll be drafted in the later rounds.

• Adding a category of foreign non-college players, apparently, is a very quiet change MLS is making to the SuperDraft proceedings. [ Source:

US Soccer Players


• Omar to Villa? Word out of Denver last night has Jamaican striker Omar Cummings going to England to train with Aston Villa with a possible loan deal in the works. Good for Omar, who is currently my favorite non-KC player in MLS who isn’t named Jimmy Conrad. [

Soccer by Ives


• Toronto FC

quashes the Dwayne De Rosario to Celtic reports

... Celtic boss says

De Rosario is on trial with the team

. Someone might not be telling the truth there.

• David Beckham close

to signing with Blackburn

? Or possibly with either

Chelsea or Real Madrid


• A little bit of news for my fellow Sporting-ers out there: Striker Sunil Chhetri has (miraculously) made the 23-man roster for the Indian national team ahead of the Asian Cup in January. India has been drawn into a group with Korea, Australia and Bahrain. [ Source:

The Associated Press


• Speaking of Chhetri, here's

a Times of India story about the lack of quality in Indian football


• I didn't link it yesterday, but I should have: The Back Post has

part 2 of an incredible photo tour of the new KC stadium


• Tiny bit of housekeeping: Tomorrow we begin counting down the Top 10 Soccer Moments in Kansas City for the year. It will run from Wednesday to Friday.