The Full 90

So, I'm back. Did I miss anything?

Apparently, I picked the wrong week for furlough/vacation.

Jimmy Conrad and Josh Wolff are on other teams


Kansas City executed a very strange trade that saw Frankie Hejduk spend about an hour with the team


a new face is with the team


the team's prized young striker was on trial/training (depending on your vantage point) with Stoke City


Gold Cup games are coming to town


the league announced an interesting slate of opening games (including the June 9 stadium unveiling)


That'll teach me, won't it?

Before we get back in the swing of things, make sure to give Pete Grathoff a big pat on the back for holding down the fort last week. He, as always, did yeoman's work covering my lazy butt.

I've got a few leftover thoughts that I'd like to put down in writing.

Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye Josh

A lot has been said already about the departures of Jimmy and Josh, but I wanted to add a few more things. The two were easily not in the team's plans going forward, Wolff wasn't much part of the plan in 2010 at all.

Both were class players who delivered many high-quality moments/memories during their time in Kansas City. Good luck to them both.*

*It either says a lot about the players or about Peter Vermes that Wolff was the first player and Conrad the second player selected in the second stage of the re-entry draft. Of course, it could also say a lot about D.C. United and Chivas USA respectively.

Don't worry, we'll have plenty more on them both this week, I just wanted to share a few YouTube moments.

Jimmy and Deuce go at it: A collection of Jimmy's best highlights: Josh's game winner this season against Houston: A collection of Josh's greatest highlights:

On Trial or Just Training?

Teal Bunbury has had a pretty dramatic 6 months, capped off by a week spent training with Stoke City in England. He scored a goal for the reserves, which led to speculation about whether Bunbury was

on trial


just training


Bunbury clarified yesterday on Twitter

, that he was only training with the team.

"Stoke was great. I had a really good time and learned a lot in the short time I was there. To be clear tho it was not a trial."

Road Trip? Road Trip!

Who's in for a little Los Angeles road trip in March?

So many great storylines for that Chivas game: Seeing Conrad in a different uniform, watching Chivas fans struggle to figure out who to root for with Omar Bravo in an away kit and, most importantly, seeing how well the team is equipped to deal with the rigors of the 2011 season.

I'm working on my travel plans now.

Of course, now there's the business of

planning the festivities for June. 9 too


$20 Million? Seriously?

The Sports Business Journal reported yesterday that Major League Soccer has asked Fox Soccer Channel to renew a TV deal at $20 million a year.

To put that into a bit of perspective, FSC currently pays $3 million for MLS games since 2007; ESPN pays an average of $8.5 million a year through 2014 for both MLS and U.S. national team matches.

Can MLS really demand that type of money?

Did I actually miss anything? That's a chaotic load of information right that came down last week, bound to have let something slip.