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Sporting news: Harrington contract talks ongoing, Bunbury trains with Stoke City

While there is no news (yet) to report about the status of Jimmy Conrad/Josh Wolff and the second-stage of the re-entry draft, there are some things for Sporting Kansas City fans to read about.

• Kansas City head coach Peter Vermes says

about contract negotiations with fullback Michael Harrington and his agent, "the ball is in their court."

The 24-year-old defender is out of contract but, because of the team's offer, was not available for the re-entry draft process. Harrington was one of the better players on the team in 2010.

• Budding young striker

Teal Bunbury tweeted this morning that he is training with Stoke City in England for 10 days. with Eidur Gudjohnsen

. Fret not, Sportingers, this is not an indication that Bunbury is leaving for England anytime soon. It's more a chance for a young player to get some experience with a EPL team. (It's also a chance for an EPL team to get a look at a young American player.)

• I would also like to officially "second"

Mike at Down the Byline
KC has been linked with, Aurelien Collin,

and the young designated player the team is pursuing are not the same person. While Robb Heineman has never ruled out the possibility of using "DP" money on a defender, Collin -- unless they are seeing something that I'm not -- isn't on that level.

And with that, I'm out for a week on furlough. Pete Grathoff will be filling in around here in my stead.