The Full 90

What's better than reading a blog? Listening to a blogger summit

While you were out doing some holiday shopping or possibly watching Samir Nasri's beautiful goal to secure an Arsenal victory, I was sitting down to record a marathon podcast. It was the largest recorded gathering of Sporting Kansas City bloggers that I've ever taken part in.

The "summit*" consisted of Thad from

The Back Post, Down the Byline,
The Sporting Times,
The Daily Wiz

and myself. We talked about a whole host of topics. Thankfully, for your ears, we've broken things into four parts. The first part deals with the 2018/22 World Cup blowback, part two is a recap of the 2010 season, part three is our look ahead to 2011** and part four is about re-branding and the state of the league.

*It's sort of ashame that we didn't capitalize on the prospect of giving the summit some sort of "Magic: The Gathering" pun name while the team was still called the "Wizards."

**I may or may not make some ridiculous claims about the position that I think the team might be looking to strengthen via trade. It's probably a good bet that I make a few ludicrous claims.

It's a healthy two-hour audio excursion, so don't try to log it all in one dose. But I really hope that the amount of fun we have making these podcasts transfers to your ears.

You can download the podcast either through

iTunes Posterous