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An NBA team in KC? They won't be the Sporting Kansas City Hornets

The NBA has taken over the New Orleans Hornets. Kansas City is, obviously, one of them.

Obviously, with the recent re-branding information, you could make the jump and wonder: Could an NBA team would be part of the Sporting Club umbrella?

According to Robb Heineman, the answer is quite simply, "No." With the caveat of, not right now.

"We're pretty focused on our core business -- which is soccer," Heineman said. "This is an NBA decision, independent of us."

If you think about it, it really doesn’t make sense for the ownership group. Purchasing an NBA team would completely devalue the opening of a new stadium and all they've built for the soccer team.

Which then underlines a very important point: If Sporting Club is to be a multi-franchise entity with another major spectator sport, Major League Soccer is going to have to be in a much, much stronger position than it is now.