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No Cup, no crying: Let's get back to Sporting KC business

Qatar happened this morning

. It stinks. Once again, no one thought or or cared about the plight of suburban white American kids. What will they do with no World Cup games to watch in 2022? What? WHAT?

No use crying over spilled bags of oil money.

We've got 12 more years to make jokes about Qatar (is it pronounced "KA-tar" or "ku-TAR" or "kutter" or "KEY-tar"?). More pressing for us today, though, is the on-coming rush of Major League Soccer off-season news. More precisely: The impending two-stage re-entry draft and a few moves that OnGoal/Sporting KC president Robb Heineman

outlined vaguely on Big Soccer yesterday


What we (sorta) know:

• Forward

Josh Wolff's option was not exercised

Conrad will join Wolff in the re-entry draft

Jimmy Nielsen has reportedly signed a contract extension

player combine in Trinidad

• The last bit of news from Heineman's post: The team is pursuing a young player who would qualify as a "designated player," but not from a name standpoint, from a potential/cost standpoint.

Going through these pieces of news in rapid-fire succession: Sad to see Wolff go but completely expected this would happen; still unsure what will happen to Conrad, expect he's gone soon; good to see the team lock up the White Puma; the roster is getting bigger next year, the team needs more developmental players and the discovery process is a good way to accomplish that; and I wonder who the team is trying to trade for, would a Conrad sign-and-trade with a bundled international slot to Vancouver be in order.

As for that last piece of "news" about a young "designated player," I think that's exactly what this league needs. Big-name players like Thierry Henry and David Beckham are great; but the league will be built upon players

like Fredy Montero and Alvaro Saborio putting down roots in this country

(and teams putting up the moolah to make that happen).

This should prove to be a fairly busy next couple of days... stay tuned. Until then, let's bash Qatar some more.

The country has 12 years to build a convincing team for the Cup. Ummm, they've got a long way to go.

And the team has 12 years to build stadiums too. Though those have a good start. (Hat tip to Soccer Insider for this video.)