The Full 90

The big day is here, "Wizards" fans!

Whether you're melancholy or indifferent or enthusiastic, tonight's a big night for soccer in Kansas City. The name is likely changing, the colors are likely changing and the dawn of the Omar Bravo-era will be ushered in.

If you're planning on coming out to the Power Light District (festivities start a 5:30 and there will be a P Pub Crawl following), make sure you bring a coat. It's November. It's going to be outdoors. Here's

the forecast


While it's definitely a big day for soccer here in KC, don't forget that young striker Teal Bunbury will also be representing the United States this afternoon. If he makes an appearance, it will be his first cap as a USA international. The game is at 1 p.m. on ESPN2.

I like to try and find songs that might fit the mood that at least I'm feeling when discussing something. But how apropos is that song for this event? It's Billy Corgan trying to be reassuring but he's not so sure of himself that he completely buys his own attempts at reassurance. Then it gets a little too preachy at the end, but that's Billy Corgan for you.

Any last thoughts? Hoping for a major swerve from Robb Heineman and the team? What will you do if the name changes and you


like it?