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What's the big deal? Hang tight I suppose

Something is going to happen pertaining to the "Kansas City Wizards" this Wednesday night at the Power and Light District. In other news,

"Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead."

My best guess as to what the "big announcement" is is as good as yours.

The idea of re-branding has been bandied about mostly in the speculative sense. If you're looking for links, here goes: There's the

mysterious big announcement

planned for this Wednesday,* MLS Rumors -- trust at your own risk -- has

some "information" on domain registrations

for "," Down The Byline was anonymously emailed

a "new" Sporting KC logo

and there's

a SportingKC Twitter account

that may or may not be official.

*Notice the name of the website:

Now, it could very well be the public debut of new designated player Omar Bravo. (Of course, you could argue that if that were the case, they'd actually advertise that a little bit to get a bigger audience.)

You can feel free to chase these things down if you'd like. I'm fairly certain that there will be details to come. And, until I hear something more concrete than the clues that have been leaked, The Full 90 won't have any more on the issue.*

*I'm not meaning to purposefully obfuscate the issue, but I feel I have nothing more to add to the conversation at this point. After this article and this one. I also always wanted to have the phrase "purposefully obfuscate" under my byline.

This sort of shrouded mist of mystery has hung over the team since August when the topic of re-branding was first floated. It can hang for two more days.

Stay tuned.

However... if you want to do some reading, I highly suggest three very interesting blog posts.

• James Starritt at shares

his thoughts on the new logo



• Andy Edwards at The Daily Wiz

has some thoughts on the rules of re-branding.