The Full 90

Are you ready for some indoor soccer?

This Friday, indoor soccer comes back to Kansas City as the newly-formed Missouri Comets begin play in the Major Indoor Soccer League. The team opens with the Milwaukee Wave on Friday at 7:35 p.m. at the Independence Events Center. The Comets are led by former player Kim Roentved.

I didn't live in KC during the mid-90s, but I understand that the KC Comets were kind of a big deal.

Indoor soccer is exciting, but not exactly my cup of tea. (Though that might have more to do with my propensity to pile up red cards during my indoor playing days.) But I plan on giving the Comets a few evenings this season.

What about everyone else? Who's planning on going to the season opener? Anyone have season tickets?

If you aren't planning on going, may I point your attention to what you might be missing? (Seriously, do yourself a massive favor and watch this video. Scroll down a bit, the information on the right-hand side gets in the way of posting it where I want too.)

That might be the greatest video in the history of soccer. I want to watch 59 more times.