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Who was the October player of the month?

There are only a few candidates for player of the month in October, which one do you think takes home the award?

Forward Birahim Diop had the hat-trick to close out the season, Davy Arnaud put in two goals (one of them a penalty kick), Jimmy Nielsen recorded a shutout (his 10th), Josh Wolff took over the left wing admirably with Ryan Smith on personal leave and Craig Rocastle not only distributed the ball well but manned the defensive role in midfield with Stephane Auvray not in the lineup a few times.

If the team would've made the playoffs, I'd have probably nominated Rocastle (as

Down The Byline did

) for player of the month. Since they didn't, and October was really a bummer of a month, I'm going to nominate Diop for his great effort to close the season out on a high note. Especially cause he did this...

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