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The Wizards' Top 10 Goals of the Year

This was, for lack of a better word, a very


offensive year for the Kansas City Wizards. The team scored


goals during the entire months of May and June. The team scored


goals in a seven-day period in August (4 against New England, 2 against Los Angeles).

At just 13 games into the season, the team averaged 0.85 goals a game. Then the Birahim Diop Game happened (twice) and the team ended the season averaging 1.2 goals per game. Before this season, there had never been a four-goal game by the Wizards in the history of CommunityAmerica Ballpark. Now, there have been four.

Over the next few days, The Full 90 will break down the Wizards frustrating/confusing season. Today, we'll focus on the good times by ranking The Top 10 Goals by the Kansas City Wizards in '10.

10. Kei Kamara's Tap-in (5.15)

Atoning for his Miss of the Century in April, the Wizards leading goal scorer for the season takes his time and makes sure he helps the squad salvage a 2-2 tie with the Chicago Fire. (Scroll down just a bit for the video.)

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9. Birahim Diop scores in his first start in 8 years (8.21)

With Bunbury suspended, the Wizards turned to a seldom-used midfielder to lead the frontline as the central forward. He rewarded them by scoring his first goal in his first start in 8 years. He added a second to lead a 4-1 rout of the Revolution.

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8. Teal Bunbury opens his account (7.14)

The first of what should (hopefully) be many for the young Canadian striker.

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7. Davy curls one past the 'keeper (10.12)

An exciting and important mid-week trip to Chicago was won by a placed shot in the box by the captain. The good stuff starts at 3:45 in.

6a. Kei does it all himself (9.19)

Just a classy piece of skill by the Wizards striker.

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6b. But wait, there's more...

The Kamara goal above just barely edged out a very similar one-man goal by Teal Bunbury on July 31 against Toronto FC. I'm including it just for the sake of including it.

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/ >

5. Arnaud's laser freekick (9.4)

Not sure if this is so much a spectacular freekick by Davy or a spectacular blunder by the Union 'keeper. Either way, it was pretty fantastic.

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4. Kei Kamara's mega-blast against Philly (6.10)

Kamara hits this ball with such force, it's a wonder that the net didn't split. The goal helped the Wiz end a 9-game winless streak.

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3. The Diop Wondergoal (10.23)

Just an amazing piece of skill by the man from Senegal. With just 14 games played, he scored 5 goals including the hat-trick in this one.

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2. Arnaud ignites 50,000+ (7.25)

It might not be the prettiest goal scored by the Wizards this year, but for sheer impact it has to rank near the top. This goal, a simple third-man run by the captain,

lifted the largest crowd to watch a live soccer game in Kansas City to their feet in unison


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1. The Josh Wolff Winner (9.22)

There's just simply no beating the circumstances that surrounded this goal: Late into stoppage time, needing a victory, trying to turn around a 3-1 deficit, scored by a guy who wasn't in his best form all year...

Yeah, there's no way Wolff's goal isn't the best goal scored by the Wizards this year. It starts at 5:25 in.