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Schofield: Re-naming the Wizards is just wrong

Okay, I get it: Kansas City is getting ready to move into a shiny new stadium, and wants a shiny new brand to go with it. It’s a time of change. Butterflies are in the air. Fountains spew soda pop.

So change the name.

Okay, I get the reasoning.

It’s just wrong. It’s wrong in the heads of the folks in the Wizards towers, and it’s wrong in

Gooch’s column


It’s the sort of decision made by folks who are seriously over-thinking a situation.

Dump the name of the Wizards, and what are the downsides? Well, you jettison a bit of history. You assign 2000, the MLS Cup and the Supporters Shield, and the 2004 Lamar Hunt Cup, to some other club, some previous bunch of hoofers who played on the Missouri side. You can say you don’t, but of course you do. If not, why rename the team (and No, changing from Wiz to Wizards is not the same, Wiz was always short for Wizards, anyway).

You anger some fans. You anger quite a few fans. You disappoint past players.

Beyond that, you confuse sports writers who already aren’t too sure they want to take the sport very seriously. It really looks like a small-time move, and will be taken as such by those who heap scorn on the league. You can predict the comments now, “The Kansas City Sportings or Wizards or whatever they’re calling themselves today”

Makes us sound like a seventh grade team that, having aged a bit has decided that Power Rangers is no longer a cool name. After all, we’re big boys now.

And for what? What does Kansas City gain from a new brand?

Do we win more games? Of course not. Do we look better? Tough to imagine. Do we raise our local profile? With a new name nobody knows? More likely, we confuse people.

Do we even sell more shirts? Really, does anyone think this is the case? Soccer fans in KC will buy soccer shirts, and I can’t imagine an increase simply to go with a new brand. If more need to be sold, offer a new third shirt like everyone else does.

And if we’re going to re-brand, please avoid the faux Euro-club names, and that includes those adopted by South American clubs. Does Real Salt Lake really make sense to anyone?

The Wizards is our name, it’s original, it’s attached to titles. It’s our badge, and we back it.

So OnGoal, so Gooch, re-branding might be trendy cool, but it’s pointless. The new stadium -- the really wonderful, stunning new stadium -- and a full season played at our best, will be more than enough to tell fans a new era has arrived. For the Wizards.

So let’s go Wiz.