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Great... Omar Bravo might not want to leave Chivas

From the department of translated reports from Mexico comes this great and fantastic story that all fans of the Kansas City Wizards wanted to hear on the eve of the biggest game of the 2010 season: Future designated player Omar Bravo


not want to leave Chivas Guadalajara.

Fantastic. Not even two full months removed from the "The Omar Bravo is coming to Kansas City but not officially and no one will say anything game," comes the "Omar Bravo told someone in Mexico that he wants to stay at Chivas" game.

Gigantic. Shrug.

I don't know what to make of the reports (which you can read




). I really don't. I could speculate, of course. I have a blog and have an opinion and that's what people with blogs and opinions do. So here goes: It doesn't


great, whether it means anything or not.*

*As a general rule, I don't trust speculative Mexican media reports (Spex-Mex?). Before you cry xenophobia or anything, I don't trust speculative American media reports either. I just don't have a sorta funny nickname for them.

The best-case scenario? He's a guy having cold feet about leaving the club where he enjoyed his greatest professional success, but will come to KC and honor his contract.

The worst-case scenario? He's going to come to KC against his will and sulk and pout and generally be a waste of a designated-player slot OR, he petitions for another extended loan for the first part of next year and continues to do so until the Wizards just let him sign a contract with Chivas again.

Those aren't the only two (um, three?) options of course. But, for now, I'm with


: "It's certainly not going to make him a lot of friends among Wizards fans."

Here's the translated quote from Bravo:

"I do not know if I'm going to go, I can not speculate, I want to be in Chivas, as well I'm here, but I understand that there are things that do not depend on me and I will not engage in that part, anything can happen. Of course I want to stay, I love Chivas, but I have a contract I wanted to sign out of conviction and must be respected. "

For comparison, here's what

he said almost exactly a month ago


"I’m really excited. This is a very important challenge for me in my career as a professional, as well as on the personal front, which I’m very happy to take on."

Stay tuned. I'm sure that this isn't the last we'll hear on this topic.