The Full 90

Quotes on a life-support victory

What the players/coaches had to say about Kansas City's 2-0 victory in Chicago. I want you to pay special attention to what Chicago manager Carlos de los Cobos has to say about the performance of rookie Corben Bone and what his team needs to do for next season. Then try to picture Peter Vermes doing that in the media. Also, pay attention to C.J. Brown's quote about the result. While KC and Chicago aren't that far apart in the standings, they are streets apart in attitude.


“Our whole idea for the game was when the whistle blew we would try to press them as much as could high up the field, not to give them any rhythm in the game. And I thought our guys did a tremendous job. Obviously you expend a lot of energy when you do that. The guys came with a lot of energy but also they had good intelligence on the field. We didn’t duplicate our defensive movements which was good and that gave us a chance when we won the ball to transition quickly to offense. That part of it was really good. I think what happens a lot of times if you give a team the rhythm to build out of the back, especially at [home], it gives the team the chance to start driving the game against you. We wanted to take that away from them. I thought we did that very well. It gave us a lot of opportunities to play at the top of their 18, and forgo us from traveling 80 yards to get to their goal.”

On fighting for a playoff spot:

“The only thing I can say is we’re alive. We have to win, we have to hope for what Colorado does, but we aren’t in control of that. The only thing we can do is control our destiny. We have to play New England with the same type of mentality. We have to go for the game. We have to go for the win. We have nothing to lose. The great thing would be to win that game and for Colorado to lose so they go into the final weekend with all the pressure on them. They’re the ones in the driver seat right now. They just have to get one point.”


“It came at a good time for us. Teal [Bunbury] played a nice ball and [Josh] Wolff made a good run to open up the space and it was a good team goal. Getting it right before halftime was a boost for us going into the second half.”

On bringing momentum into New England:

“We know the situation that we’re in. We know that anything less than three points in each of these games isn’t good enough. We approach it the same way. We can’t control what Colorado is doing and we have to focus on ourselves. We’re going to come out in New England the same way.”

On the team’s performance:

“I thought it was great. I thought the attitude and mentality at the start of the game was very good and it has been for long stretches this year, when we got that part of our game and we’re playing like that, we’re going to get some results. Tonight I thought it was a good overall team effort, and defensively we were solid. We didn’t give them too many good chances, which was important. You have to finish your chances and that’s what we did tonight.”

On playing 90 minutes of high pressure:

“We did. That’s our game. We know that’s who we are. Everybody has bought into that and we’re all on the same page. Now we feel like it’s tough for teams to play us whether we are home or away. That’s been our mentality and we turned things around a couple months ago and it’s yielding some good results for us.”


“I made a run and [Josh] Wolff played a great ball and I was facing the goal and I saw the keeper come out and I just took a low, hard shot and it went in. It was a great team effort.”

On the team’s mentality going into the weekend:

“We’re just going to be focused on ourselves. We need a win. That’s what we need and we’re going to go into the game playing to win. Not play conservatively, but play just like we played tonight. We will press them high and we’re going to go after it. We’re not going to think about Colorado and just focus on ourselves and know we can control only what we can control.”


“It really wasn’t a good game for us. The team didn’t have a good connection. We didn’t have the right attitude coming off the win against Columbus, when it should have motivated us to play stronger.”“This has been the face of the team – we have been inconsistent throughout training. It has varied throughout our games. We had to deal with lineup changes due to injuries, and it didn’t allow us to be a solid team.”

On Fire midfielder Corben Bone’s play tonight:

“He showed very little in the time he spent on the field. I understand that he is a young player, but when opportunities present themselves he needs to understand that they need to be taken advantage of. I wish he could have played the full 90 minutes, but he played passively.”

On planning for next season:

“The reality is that we need to renovate the team. We need to change the lineups if we want to be different next year.”


“We didn’t put enough work in. Games like this, especially against a team that’s fighting for a win to make the playoffs, they are going to be fighting and not just sitting back. If we don’t have enough energy we are going to find ourselves in a bit of trouble. On Saturday we are going to have to come out with a lot of energy from the very beginning and be more focused.”

On finishing his career strong:

“This is not about me, I made the decision to stop playing. This is about our team trying to do things right so we end the season on the right note, not going out with our tails between our legs.”

On C.J. Brown’s performance:

“C.J. is always relentless, he’s constantly getting hit. He puts his body in places most people wouldn’t and he pays a price for it, but he does amazing things for our team.”

On the offensive attack:

“There really wasn’t any fluidity on the offensive part of our game. It wasn’t the performance we wanted.”


“Obviously it was very disappointing, but it’s par for the course right now. We got one win (on Friday), the guys got all excited about it and can’t follow it up and be consistent. I don’t know what is wrong, it’s all mental. We’re just not just strong enough for the game and our record shows it. We used to have a bunch of guys that would battle, this year we don’t have them. There are a few guys out there working their tails off, we need to build around those guys. Logan Pause is a man that works all day and doesn’t get enough credit for it.”

On missing the playoffs only for the second time in team history:

“It’s very disappointing. The club has been very successful. I kind of blame myself for stuff like that. I think this year we kind of got away from the ‘Tradition, Honor, Passion’ that we’ve always been about. We have a lot of new players in here and when you look at the pictures in the locker room I don’t think people know who those guys are. When you put that jersey on, you are playing for all of those guys that have been a part of this. I don’t think that I’ve expressed that enough and it’s a shame because if you knew this team, you’d want to come in and play for this jersey. So having the results we did this year is very, very disappointing. It’s not understandable, but we’ve had management changes, coaching changes and so many new players coming in that it’s almost an excuse, but it’s not. We’re all professionals, we all getting paid and it’s unfortunate to walk away from the season without providing a good performance. “The coaches need to be looking to see who really wants to be a part of the Fire. Players need to play for their club and if they do well, they are going to get opportunities. Look at all the guys that who have come through here and played hard for the Chicago Fire – some are playing in Europe and some are playing for the National Team. The Fire has had some very good players here playing for the badge and they got their opportunities and they’ve proved that.”


“We didn’t feed off of last game’s momentum. We didn’t come out with the energy and passion we needed. It might be due to tiredness, but that’s no excuse and that’s what cost us today. I hate to give excuses, I think that today we just didn’t deserve to win the game. We didn’t have the right mentality or sharpness and we came out flat. Kansas City took advantage of that. They are still in the playoff hunt and they came in for a fight and were not just going to lay down. They had the proper intensity and that’s what cost us.”