The Full 90

Quotes on a really, really, really frustrating loss

I believe that Wizards head coach Peter Vermes said it best when he said: "It just wasn't enough." What else did the players/coaches have to say about the Seattle Sounders 2-1 victory over Kansas City. Of note? Teal Bunbury's defense of the foul that led to the Wizards' only goal, a Davy Arnaud penalty kick.


“It's amazing that mathematically we're still in it, which is incredible. I don't think that there were a lot of chances on either side in the game. The two that they got, I obviously want to see them again, but they weren't spectacular. You know we had a few good shots and a few other chances, but it wasn't enough on our part to get the three points. We didn't deserve the three points. It wasn't enough, although we had chances. We hit the crossbar and we hit the post and all those other things you can say It just wasn't enough.”

On the difference between what happened tonight and during the team’s successful run

“Even last game, we played great other than the goal we gave up. Credit to the Sounders; they played a very sound, organized game. I thought they did a very good job on the outsides against us where we have a lot of danger in our attack. I thought in the second half we were a little more dangerous up front because we made a couple of adjustments in our movements. But I've got to give them credit in this game. They were organized and their lines were where they needed to be.”

Was Seattle playing for the draw?

“No doubt. They're not going to expose themselves, and they really didn't. Once the game opened up with the goals, the next thing you know, we're unleashing numbers at them, and that's why they brought in a fifth defender and played with five in the back at the end there. They did a very good job of managing the out of bounds over here and ending the game on us.”

What do you need to do now?

“Go for broke against Chicago and hope everything else happens in our favor. Crazier things have happened, believe me. Anything can happen. Again, we've got to focus on Chicago. We don't have anything else other than to get three points there.”

KANSAS CITY WIZARDS STRIKER TEAL BUNBURY On the foul that led to Arnaud's penalty kick goal

“Josh (Wolff) gave me a well-timed ball to perfection, and I was one-on-one with the guy. I cut him, and I tried to bring out my left to try to take a shot and he just clipped the back of my ankle. I’m not a diver. People were asking me after the game. There’s no way I’m diving there. If I’ve got a chance to score there, why would I dive?”

On potentially missing the playoffs

“Definitely, it's a sour pill. We've worked hard in training from preseason to now. Everyone gives everything they’ve gotPeople say we're not mathematically out of it, but obviously it is hard to swallow. We've got to get to work. We've got a game Tuesday in Chicago and then a game on Saturday. We've got to finish these next three games off strong. We need wins. That's the bottom line: we need wins.”

On going down 2-0

“That's how it is. It's been like that. It's plain to see that we're getting chances but we're just not executing. As a striker, I need to be scoring more than I am. I'm getting opportunities and chances. I take that upon myself, and so are other guys. That final touch and that final pass are things we need to work on.”


“The last three or four games, we've put ourselves in a hole. We took a lot of energy to get that 4-3 win against Houston, and we almost conjured up the same type of magic against Dallas. It was the same in New York and now here. We just need to hit one and feel good about it. That's been the bane of our existence this season.”

On their playoff situation and missed opportunities

“I think we could look to five or six games where we outplayed those teams and deserved to get three points and didn't. Seattle in Seattle, LA, at home. Those are just a couple off the top of my head. Those games come back to haunt you. Those are early games in the season, and I think a lot of us older guys understand the importance of points regardless what point it is in the season. You can't wait until the end of the season to try to make it happen. We find ourselves in this position again. We've been in this position for a number of years now. You think we would learn from these mistakes, but you need some breaks. I don't believe in luck. You create your own luck. We just need to take advantage of opportunities we created and this is why we find ourselves in this position.”

On mathematically still being in the playoff race

“It's nice that there is still a chance. I hate to give you a cliché, but you just need to take it one play at a time. I thought we did a lot of good things tonight, but we didn't get the result to show for it. These are lessons to learn for this team. If we can't make something of it this year, then hopefully we can build on it for next year.”

On the quick turnaround for the game in Chicago

“I think the best thing following a loss is to get right back in the saddle. I think it helps that we have a chance, mathematically, so we can get up for it. Maybe for the next 24 hours, we can feel sorry about this, but we need to get on with it and try to get something in Chicago.”


“On this field, it is always tough because there are always a lot of turnovers, and it is tough to string together passes. We dropped in a little bit, so that invited them to play long balls into our box. It wasn’t the prettiest game, but at the end of the day, in the second half we finished a couple of goals well. Coming off a big game on Tuesday where you could expect a let-down maybe from the team, we showed character to stick with it and somehow found a way to do the job.”

On having higher aspirations than just making the playoffs

“We want to do more things in the playoffs than just qualify for them. We qualified last year. It is certainly a tremendous accomplishment for our club to qualify for the playoffs in our first two years and to win two Open Cups so far. We have more wins this year than we did last year. We have won four in a row on the road now. Those are all positives. We are not afraid of who we’re going to play. Whoever comes our way, we will prepare for them.”

On clinching playoff berths in back to back years in Kansas City

“It is funny, because when I coached the Galaxy, we ended up clinching here as well, and one year with Columbus we clinched here, so it has been a good place that way. I’ve also lost a few games here. They are a team that obviously made a lot of changes this year and a team that is still growing together. They are not a team I want to run into every day.”

On whether or not his team would have won this game earlier in the year

“We definitely would not have. Now, our character and our belief is much stronger. Without having gone through the adversity that we had at the beginning of the year, we might not be as strong character-wise, but having gone through that, we are now strong.”


“Yeah, it is good to keep it going. I’m on this scoring streak. I’m on fire. Now I need to keep it going. I have four goals in three games, I just want to keep it going.”

On getting his own rebound to score

“I wanted to finish it on the shot, but the keeper made a great save, but the ball came back at me, and I bang it in.”

On advancing to the playoffs

“Yes, I’m excited to advance to the playoffs in this game to make sure that we are on the safe side.”

On the Open Cup victory

“It is good to have more silverware in our records. Last year we won it, and we defended our title this year. That was just like a bonus to us.”

On the Seattle fans that traveled to Kansas City

“We have a bond with them. We have great fans, great people in Seattle. We have a lot of traveling fans. Sometimes when we travel away, they travel with us. It was good to pay them back with a win tonight.”

SEATTLE SOUNDERS FC GM ADRIAN HANAUER On advancing to the playoffs

“Hopefully we do more damage than we did last year.”

On Seattle’s ability to get results when playing less than their best

“That is a good observation. In the beginning of the year, there is no chance we would have grinded out a result in this game. Now the guys are more disciplined. They believe more, and they step out onto the field thinking that we are going to win the game. This wasn’t the prettiest game, but we got the result and that’s all that counts.”

On clinching a playoff spot

“If feels great. I think we were confident, but you never know, and it is good to just have that stress behind us – to be able to focus on our last two games, and to then move onto the playoffs.”

On their road support

“We’ve had tremendous road support all year. It has been remarkable. We had 200 in Chicago, and they just followed us all over the country. I know it is really important to Sigi (Schmid) that we show them the appropriate amount of respect and love because they help us. They helped us grind out a result today.”