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Things you may (or may not) know about the Seattle Sounders

With Kansas City’s post-season hopes hanging in the balance, here are a few things worth considering about the Wizards’ opponent this Saturday, the Seattle Sounders.

1. Um, they’re pretty good right now.

While 13-7-4 since July 1st seems like it’s sorta not too shabby, consider that they are 11-2-3 against DOMESTIC competition since July 1st. Most of their losses have come in the CONCACAF Champions League.

2. They won’t have Sanna Nyassi.

He’s going to be away on international leave with Gambia. Seattle will miss him, as he’s bagged three goals in Seattle’s last two games, including a double in last night’s U.S. Open Cup Final.

3. Trophies are important.

Seattle has been in the league two years and have won two trophies, both in the U.S. Open Cup. Is that as prestigious as the Supporter’s Shield or the MLS Cup? No. But it’s silverware in their cabinet. If you go back to 2005 (remember, again, Seattle only joined MLS in 2009), only D.C. United and Columbus have more total trophies (3) than Seattle does in that time span. Houston and Los Angeles also have 2.

If you want to put this information into further context, consider this: Since 2000, only Los Angeles (5), Columbus (5), Chicago (4), D.C. United (4), San Jose (3) and Kansas City (3) -- heck yeah! -- have more trophies than Seattle has collected in two years. So, um, yeah, the Sounders might be smug and all that... but they’ve got more trophies than Chivas, New England, Real Salt Lake, Colorado, New York, Toronto and Dallas have collected in the last decade.

4. They didn’t have this guy last time KC and Seattle played...
5. ... didn’t have this guy either:

Not too shabby when you can bring in two World Cup 2010 players in the same offseason. Blaise Nkufo is a monster. I’m seriously worried about the Jimmy Conrad-Matt Besler combo dealing with him and Fredy Montero. Like, a lot.

6. Soccer didn’t exist as a professional endeavor in this country until the advent of Seattle Sounders FC in 2008.* *That last part isn’t a fact, but it’s never not funny. They are a smug bunch. Given the success they’ve had though, it’s an easy affectation to understand.