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Monday Morning Question: Why has the power shifted West?

As it stands, only two Eastern Conference teams are going to make the playoffs: the New York Red Bulls and Columbus Crew. And the other three teams in the catbird seat for the last playoff spots (Colorado, Seattle, San Jose) are all from the West.

Furthermore, if you combine those two teams goal differential (+14), it's less than three Western Conference teams: Los Angeles (+18), Salt Lake (+23) and Dallas (+17). It should be rather telling in and of itself that Kansas City is the third-place team in the Eastern Conference.

So, the question today, what caused this power shift? Why has the West risen so fast (and been so dominant) this year? Why does the East suck?

Here are some talking points. Feel free to discuss them:

Do we blame Chicago and New England for falling down? Have Salt Lake and Los Angeles really raised the entire conference's play? Is it D.C.'s fault? Will a Western Conference team win the MLS Cup? Will two expansion teams in the West help or hurt the balance of power?