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Playoff Survival Guide: Step-by-step for Wizards fans

If Kansas City is going to make the playoffs, they'll to take care of business


need some assistance this weekend. Here's what needs to happens:

Step 1: KC needs to beat New York.

This is obvious, of course. The Wizards can't draw. Can't lose. They have to win and jump to 36 points. This is key.

Step 2: Root for FC Dallas and, gulp, D.C. United.

Chicago did KC fans a favor on Wednesday, stuffing San Jose 3-0. Let's hope Dallas can return the favor by stuffing Chicago on Saturday.

Before Wednesday, I thought Colorado was the most precipitously perched team in the league. Then they demolish Philadelphia 4-1. Gee, thanks Philly. Up next? Rooting for D.C. United to do what the Union couldn't -- beat the Rapids on Saturday.

Step 3: Stick pins into a San Jose Earthquakes voodoo doll.

Colorado has 41 points on 26 games. Seattle has 39 on 26. San Jose has 39 on 25. All are, theoretically, within striking distance. But San Jose, who lost Wednesday in embarrassing fashion, is standing on the banana peel. They've been a team that relied on close games all season (12 one-goal games on the year) and a bad bounce here and there (right Wizards fans?) could have them slipping further. A loss to Columbus on Saturday will be of great benefit to KC.

Step 4: Nothing else matters.

The Clasico in Los Angeles? Philadelphia vs. Houston? Salt Lake vs. New England?

Skip 'em.