The Full 90

Here's how to fix the MLS schedule

A few weeks back, soccer novice/Full 90 architect Charles Gooch wrote about his desire to see Major League Soccer go to a single table.

In that piece, Gooch wondered if MLS would ever switch its schedule (from a spring start and fall finish to a fall start and spring finish — with a winter break).

It’s apparent that MLS should do something about its schedule, which overlaps with far too many FIFA dates — including the World Cup, which in case you didn’t realize is kind of a big event.

But I think MLS should look to Mexico and Argentina for its schedule change. Have an apertura (running from August to December) and clausura (running from January to May). Then you could have the winners of each section play in a one-game championship match.

Frankly, the MLS playoff system is ridiculous with its home-and-home first round and then a single game for the conference finals and the title game. Just give me one game between the opening-round winner and the closing-round winner.

MLS could backload the apertura with games in Dallas, LA, San Jose and Houston and then frontload the clausura with games in those warm-weather cities.

There is no question that weather affects scheduling. No other league in the world — with the exception of Russia — has to deal with so many different climates. The thought of January games in Kansas City, New York, New England or Chicago is frightening.

But a change is needed, and two sections of play in one season is the way to go.

What are your thoughts?