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Monday Morning Question: Who was the player of the month?

Ok. Time to brush the dust of Saturday night's debacle off and decide the most important non-playoff question we can think of: Who should be The Full 90 Player of the Month for September?

(I haven't seen the Dallas game, but if what I'm reading is true... was it really that brutal?)

There are a few options this month. Sadly, I don't believe one of them is Stephane Auvray. He's not had a very good month -- especially toward the end. (I mention this only because I said he would have a spot on this list for the entire season.) Here's who else you won't be seeing on the short list: Jimmy Conrad and Jimmy Nielsen. After the first two games, I wanted to nominate both the Jimmys, but the last two games of the month were not really anywhere near good enough for consideration.

Here's how the nominees did this month:

Kei Kamara

One of the key attackers for the Wizards, he missed the Philadelphia game to start the month but still ended the month with the best numbers: 2 goals, 2 assists. His goal against Chivas USA was a piece of beautiful skill and technique.

Davy Arnaud

The Wizards captain has had a strong run of form recently -- case in point: Zero red cards. He also picked up the game-tying goal on a beautiful free kick against Philly.

Michael Harrington

One of the stronger members of the team all season -- note, he's played 2,247 of a possible 2,250 minutes this season -- has picked up two assists and was the most dangerous player against Chivas and Houston.

Ryan Smith

The speedy winger picked up two goals and an assist on the month and continued to keep defenses honest.

Teal Bunbury

Reduced to the role of super-sub recently thanks to the emergence of Birahim Diop as the starting striker, Bunbury has showcased his speed and power and skill time and time again. When he came into the lineup against Houston at the half, he gave the team an attacking option the Dynamo couldn't handle. He scored twice in September.

I'm leaning toward Harrington, who really has given the team quite a spark on offense and hasn't completely killed the team defensively.

So... who you got? If you think another person is worthy, please, explain in the comments.

Editor's note:

We're on vacation throughout this week which means that updates will be sporadic. If news breaks, we'll be on it ASAP, of course.