The Full 90

Quotes on a crushing defeat

What the coaches/players and players had to say after Dallas' 3-1 victory in Kansas City.

KANSAS CITY WIZARDS MANAGER PETER VERMES On the three games over the past week

“We had three games in a week and two of them at home. We had an opportunity to get nine points, but we got six. It's good, but I would have liked to get seven or nine. That's where we should have been. At the end of the day, it puts us where we need to be, which is continuing to stay on our mission to make the playoffs. Now we're getting ready for a game with a week's preparation.”

On the importance of points at this point in the season

“I've always thought every game is big for us because you never know what you're going to win here or there and grab points. I think every point is important, whether it is a tie or a win. All of them are important. It doesn't matter anymore whether it is home or away.”

On the possibility of another comeback

“Smith's goal was with a lot of time left in the game. I thought we had a little bit of energy still in us. I added Jack (Jewsbury) in the game to see if he could give us a little more, but we couldn't find our rhythm. We fell of the mark a little because we felt like we wanted to pump the ball a little deeper to the guys up top that would help us get some good position. But even then, we were a little off the mark. We weren't accurate enough to the two guys up front.”

On the first 15 minutes of the match

“It's a shame to give away something like this. Not because we gave everything we had, it was because we were snoozing in the first 15 minutes. That's a hard thing to swallow. I don't think we were pressing the heck out of them. We just made some very bad mental errors in those situations.”


“We were caught ball watching on a few plays. I think they only had two shots on goal in the first 75 minutes, and they scored both of them. You can only go down 2-0 in so many games and hope to come back. I think it shows a lot of character, but it does take a lot of energy out of you. To be asked to do it again, it's a tall order, and we thought we could do it. We got that one from Smith, and I thought maybe we could put another in. I think there was a real belief we could get that second one.”

On having enough energy to play Kansas City’s high-pressure style

“I think we had it in spurts, but when you go down to a team like Dallas, 2-0 in 12 minutes and you play on a field like ours, it's just bunker time. They end up making Shavar (Thomas) and myself playmakers. We can do it every once in a while, but for us to do it the whole game, it's not really in our skill set.”

On the playoff picture

“It leaves us having to go to New York to win. If we can atone for our loss here with a win there, maybe all is forgiven. We seem to put ourselves in a lot of those positions. That's where we find ourselves at 9-10-6. It's one game. There's a lot of teams around the league, like Salt Lake, that do a good job with losing one and then getting right back on the horse and get after it again. If we want to have a legitimate chance to make the playoffs, we have five games left. It's still in our hands. It became a little more of a tall order tonight but there are 15 points still out there. I think if we get 10 of those 15, we're right there in the conversation.”


“It's extremely disappointing considering the work we've put in to put ourselves back in the mix. We conceded two goals 12 minutes inthat's not good. We need to come out better than that. When you give up early goals like that, you're not always able to pull it out of the bag. Especially at home, we should be the team driving the game, and we should be the team getting two great chances in the first ten minutes. That wasn't the case.”

On the playoff race

“We play the two teams that we're directly against for playoff spots. You can't ask for anything more than that. We have to make sure that when we're not playing them that we focus on getting the job done for us. We've shown over the past couple months that we can get results here and on the road. We've got to forget about this one and get ready for a big game in New York.”


“We scored early, we worked all week on finishing on a small field, and then we worked on a lot of defending hitting. We watched what Kansas City does, and they are so direct. You know exactly what they are going to do; you just have to beat them to the ball. For us, we didn’t really expect to score that early, but I think it opened up the confidence for us to go again. We also recognized that the Wizards were tired, playing their third game is seven days. The field conditions didn’t help them because it just made their legs heavier and heavier. Our game plan went the way we thought it would. We worked all week on it.”

On FC Dallas’ 17-game unbeaten streak

“It is really quite remarkable. I’m not sure if you all notice; I’m sure you understand part of it is we are playing without five regulars. It is one thing to play without your starting goalkeeper or your captain, but our two center backs didn’t even make the trip. We have five starters that aren’t making the trip in the last few games, but we are still getting results. It says a lot about our team and our depth.”

On his team’s playoff position

“I think we are safe. I think talking about the Wizards they are going to have to win all of their games to bypass us, and that is if we don’t win any of the rest of our games, or get any more points. It is still mathematically possible though. We were in the same boat last year that the Wizards are in this year. I still think that the Wizards are a very good team, but tonight things just didn’t go their way.”


“I think playing on a pitch like that, right away you have to make adjustments. Playing in the second half, they were mostly playing with four guys up top, or at least four players playing high. With the experience we had on the field, I thought we did exceptionally well.”

On playing without 5 regulars

“Obviously it’s a difficulty. It’s an adjustment we have to address. There are guys trying to win starting jobs, trying to make the most of it, and they are doing that. Obviously we come to an away stadium against a team that is trying to make a late run for the playoffs who has won their last two games. All the guys who are rookies, or new in the team, or relatively inexperienced made big plays for us tonight and gave us the win.”

On the possibility of catching Real Salt Lake or the LA Galaxy

“That’s not something we are concerned with right now. It would be great if we did, but right now we are focusing on getting the points on game day and trying to get some of our injured players back. Home field advantage is important for us, as for anyone. It is something we are keeping in mind, and it is something we address, but we are not focusing on it every game.”

FC DALLAS DEFENDER KYLE DAVIES On filling in for missing starters

“We are doing the best to fill in. We work hard all week to be ready when we are called on. I think we did our job today. Credit to the guys scoring the goals and everyone around them. We worked hard tonight.

On the possibility of earning a top two seed

“I hope we get achieve that. The team is playing great, so if we keep playing the way that we are, it’s definitely a realistic goal.”