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How much would you wager on Wizards making the playoffs?

I asked this question of my fellow bloggers last week when

I joined them on the Byline to Backpost podcast

: Would you wager a paycheck on the Kansas City Wizards making the playoffs? The panel was split. James Starritt and Mike Kuhn said no. Thad Bell and I said yes. (Sorry for screwing that up James.)

This question was originally asked of me by one of our sports editors here at The Star. When he asked, I paused for a second, and immediately said "Yes."

I love questions like this. They aren't asking you for deep analysis, but they also aren't asking you for a wishy-washy, fence-sitting answer. It gets right to the point: Are you (or aren't you) confident enough in the team to wager your livelihood on their playoff chances?

So, don't think about this question too long. Don't labor over the standings. Don't look at each team's schedule. This is a gut thing. Pretend you only have a split second to decide...

Would you bet a paycheck that the Kansas City Wizards will make the MLS playoffs this year?