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Heeeeeere's Bravo: A brief interview with KC's future DP

Omar Bravo, the soon-to-be designated player for the Kansas City Wizards, recently played his second game on U.S. soil, which Chivas Ge Guadalajara took on their sister club, Chivas USA. He played a relatively quiet 45 minutes and the American Chivas beat the Mexican Chivas 4-2.

With Bravo on American soil, he took a few minutes to answer some questions that might be on the minds of Wizards fans.

The talented Mexican striker will finish out the season with Guadalajara and join the Wizards at the beginning of 2011. He is the second designated player in Wizards history.

How excited are you to join MLS next year and play for the Kansas City Wizards?

I’m really excited. This is a very important challenge for me in my career as a professional, as well as on the personal front, which I’m very happy to take on.

The Wizards have a winning tradition and have a great new stadium set to open next year. How much do you know about the Kansas City organization?

I have been talking to the organization about the project, and it will be great to arrive right before the new stadium opens. I will do the best I can. I’m glad that the team is giving me this opportunity, and I hope to perform at my best.

Kansas City is a team that has won championships in the past and frequently makes the playoffs. How important is it to you to help Kansas City win another MLS Championships as well as win other competitions?

I’m going to be one more team player on the squad to keep winning points and championships. That’s the way I’m used to performing. Within them team, I’m going to do the best on my part to help the club celebrate championships.

What personal goals have you set for yourself for next season? Do you feel like you can come in and be one of the top players in MLS?

I’m going to try to be the best individually so that I can help the group achieve our goals and win games.

What would you like to say to Kansas City's Hispanic soccer fans?

I’m very pleased with the opportunity and support that they are giving me. I Hope to see you all soon! Best wishes.