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Two upcoming mid-week games to air on Metro Sports, not KCWE

Due to scheduling conflicts on KCWE, two upcoming Kansas City Wizards games will be shown live on Metro Sports with 30 minute pre- and post-game shows. The two games will be Sept. 22's home game against Houston and the Oct. 12 road date with Chicago.

The two mid-week matches are games that were rescheduled from dates earlier this season and could not air on KCWE Channel 29 due to prior scheduling commitments. Kansas City Wizards play-by-play broadcaster Dave Borchardt and color commentator Sasha Victorine will be the on-air talent for both matches.

This is great news for fans of both the Kansas City Wizards AND "Two and a Half" men reruns. You can DVR one and watch the other!

Both will be available in high definition in Kansas City. Well, they're available to anyone with Time Warner. If you've got DirecTV (as I do) or you're going to be at work (which has DirecTV too), these are both games you'll miss out on. Bummer.

But, hey, at least the games are going to be broadcast to someone. Am I right?