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Monday Morning Question: Who has been the catalyst for the Wizards of late?

Over the weekend, I participated in a Wizards Blogger Summit with Mike at

Down The Byline

, Thad at

The Back Post

and James from

. It was recorded and will be available for download here in the near future.

One of the more interesting discussions we had (there were many, it's like a 7-hour podcast or something) was based on how we each answered the question: "Which player is most responsible for the team's current run of good form?"

I thought, well, that might be a question that many Wizards fans might want to attempt to answer as well.

Has it been the resurgence of Kei Kamara and his new role as playmaker? Is it Craig Rocastle and his patience and poise on the ball? Is it Davy Arnaud and his goal-scoring/no red-card run? Or maybe it's a defender like Jimmy Conrad and Shavar Thomas. Maybe it's just Jimmy Nielsen doing what The White Puma does.

I personally think that Kamara's acceptance of his role on the right wing and his ability to create and score from that position gives the team an attacking option it didn't have earlier this year. But I can see the argument for Rocastle as very, very valid.

But, you might have a different take. The comments section is all yours...