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Video: How Philly fans taunted KC's coach

Philadelphia is not a city in Classylvania.

I used to live halfway between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and have extensive knowledge of the Philadelphia sports fan. They can be absolutely brutal. Compassion? They don't know the meaning of the word. They threw batteries at J.D. Drew and ice balls at Santa Claus. I once sat for an entire period of hockey with a Flyers fan who compared the talents of a New Jersey player to the paralyzed actor who played Superman. (It was probably the most insensitive thing I've ever heard and I refuse to repeat the entire description.)

So, what sort of evil taunting could these notorious rapscallions in the City of Brotherly Love concoct for the Wizards coach Peter Vermes in his first game behind the bench since an arrest for DUI? Well, simple. They sang "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall." IN ITS ENTIRETY. (They changed the wording to personalize the song ever so slightly.)

It's dumb, but I have to give them some credit, not even a campfire full of 11-year-old sugar addicts could make it all the way through that song.


Dirty Tackle