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Bunbury talks about declining Canada call-up has an interesting question and answer up with Kansas City Wizards rookie striker Teal Bunbury. He talks mostly about his decision to turn down an international call-up and how his life has changed in his first year.

The highlights: Reports last week indicated you got a call up from the Canadian national team but turned it down. Tell us about that.Bunbury: Basically, Stephen Hart with the Canadian Men’s National Team gave me a call and wanted me to come to the camp that’s coming up here. I just told him right now, as a rookie, I am trying to focus with the Wizards. The team also wanted me to stay here because I’m getting playing time. I wanted to cement myself as a good first-year player with the Wizards, so I just told him, as of right now, I was focused on staying here and contributing here. If he asked me again for the next camp, I’ll make my decision then. Right now, I’m just focusing on what I can control.

Wow. Club comes before country for Bunbury. Or is it possible that he's just waiting for a U.S. National Team call-up? Some of the rumors out there are that you said no to Canada because you are thinking about the United States.Bunbury: I would say right now that stuff really isn’t my mind. This is my first year as a pro, and I am really trying work hard establishing myself as a player. I’ve started some games. I haven’t started some games. I have a couple goals, and I really want to have more than two goals so I am trying to focus on that. Yeah, every player wants to play internationally and that’s been my dream, but right now the best thing for me is just staying focused with the Wizards.

Gotta love the young man's focus. You can read the whole interview by Andrew Wiebe