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Just rename the award already: Nielsen wins save of the week for 5th time

Jimmy Nielsen wins his fifth NAPA MLS Save of the Week Award. Maybe it's time we start calling it "The Jimmy Nielsen Is Better Than You Are MLS Save of the Week."

There are many good goalkeepers in Major League Soccer: Nick Rimando, Kevin Hartman, Stefan Frei, Donovan Rickets. But those guys are primarily "reflex" keepers. Nielsen is a "positional" keeper with decent reflexes. You can win with both styles, but reflex 'keepers with shoddy defensive lines in front of them sometimes wind up picking the ball out of their net 6 times against FC Dallas. (I'm just sayin'.)

Go back and take a look at the save he made to win this award. (I can't seem to find the individual highlight of the save, so here it is from the official nominees video. Nielsen's save is the second one.)

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It's a phenomenal reaction to the shot. But look at his positioning. There was no room at all for the attacker to get this ball past him. Excellent work.

If you want more proof, I agree with commenter "jtreg," this is actually a much better save from that same game.

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