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FIFA has a firm grasp of the obvious in official WCup analysis

Posted without comment, but added emphasis: The Associated Press' four-paragraph article about FIFA's official analysis of the 2010 World Cup.

ZURICH — FIFA's official analysis of the World Cup says champion

Spain could be the team of the century

, and African countries harmed their chances by employing foreign coaches.

The report criticizes goalkeepers for making "inexplicable errors" —

"possibly" because of the Jabulani ball

— but glosses over the refereeing errors that helped eliminate some teams.

FIFA's technical advisers highlight

young and skillful players as the key to success

. They say teams were punished for failing to change tactics during games.

Their analysis also questions whether

players were too tired after long seasons

. The final is described merely as being

"littered with fouls, mainly by the Dutch." I'm glad this took FIFA almost three full months to get around to this. Whatever this is.