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The Diop Game: Reliving All the Goals and the Glory

Down the Byline's Mike Kuhn

and I shared a bit of disdain that Birahim Diop -- a converted defensive midfielder -- was replacing the suspended Teal Bunbury in the starting lineup. Both of us went so far as to take our feelings to Twitter.

By halftime, both of us were choking on our tweets.

Diop was sublime. After an early miss (which wasn't really his fault), he turned a counter-attack into the game's first goal and nodded in a Kei Kamara cross for the second. Diop went further, collecting a fantastic Ryan Smith diagonal ball off the line and feeding Kamara in the middle for the Wizards third goal.

There's a really good chance that, if the team has a spot in the playoffs this year (we'll get into the chances of that in more detail later), fans will look back on the "Diop Game" as a major turning point.

Since the team hadn't scored more than two goals in a single game since June 10 (wow!), why not celebrate this by reliving each and every glorious goal.

Diop was not offside.

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Kamara needs to get like 60% of the credit for this one.

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Conversely, Diop gets about 75% of the credit for this one.

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Why is Ryan Smith mad at the end of this one? Just competitive fire?

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