The Full 90

Monday morning question: Besides the Wizards, who do you root for?

One of the great things about club soccer is that, because of the many top-level professional leagues, it's completely acceptable for fans to have multiple favorite teams from different countries.

I'm only really starting to realize that this year. For most of my soccer-rooting life, I've been a one-team cat (Manchester United).* As such, I've only had passing interest in the other leagues in Europe and Latin America. So, yeah, I've been an EPL snob.

*I flirted with Fulham when they were FulAmerica a few years ago. But it didn't stick.

I'm changing that this year. With no ties and only one rule (I can't pick Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, or either Milan team) I plan on following a team from Germany, Spain and Italy more closely this year. And possibly Mexico and South America next year.

In Germany, I've already got my team: Wolfsburg. A coach I like in Steve McClaren. Love Edin Dzeko. Love the uniforms. Weder Bremen and Hoffenheim were also contenders. But Die Wolf is gonna be my team.

In Spain, I'm going to watch a few games and pick from Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia.

In Italy, I'm leaning towards AS Roma or Fiorentina. Though, to be honest, I'm not exactly looking forward to watching a lot of Serie A games. Can't stand Italian club soccer.

I need about a year to even think of picking a Mexican or Argentinian team.

But enough about me and my awakening to soccer polygamy. I want to know: Who do you follow besides the Kansas City Wizards? Do you have multiple teams? Is there a team I should be paying attention to?