The Full 90

Are you a Chiefs fan, too?

So we’ve hit that small window in the Wizards’ schedule where their season overlaps with the Chiefs.

Yep, if all goes well for the Wizards, it’ll be just three months of fútbol and football. Makes you glad the days of the Wizards playing games at Arrowhead Stadium with those ugly football lines on the field are long gone.

That got me thinking about how many soccer fans are also American football fans. Can you love both sports?

It seems former Monty Python star John Cleese doesn’t think so. I absolutely love his riff on the two sports (by the way, Torquay United is atop League 2 in England after two games):

“The wonderful thing about soccer is how creative it is. And this is why it has never caught on in America.

"You see, in America, the action is deliberately kept short so that the sponsors can get in as many commercials as possible. And also so that the players don’t have to think for too long. They get instructions from the quarterback, who has in turn received them from the offensive coach.

"No one has to think for themselves. This is the Dick Cheney version of creativity, otherwise known as doing exactly what you’re told. So you get four seconds of extremely violent action and then the only genuinely creative activity involved: a beer commercial. So American football is played like a series of advertising jingles, while soccer is played like jazz.”

I’m sure that kind of talk irritates the soccer haters out there, but who cares? I think it is possible to like both sports. I do, although I’ll usually pick a Bundesliga game over the NFL if both are on the tube at the same time.

So what do you think?