The Full 90

XI questions for Chance Myers

Good morning.

While Full 90 writer/director/star Charles Gooch is away this week — he is in Iowa starting an exploratory committee for a presidential run in 2012 — we’ll be conducting some question-and-answer sessions with various members of the Wizards.

Up today is Chance Myers.

1. If commissioner Don Garber allowed you to change one thing about MLS, what would it be?

The DP rule. We can bring in as many foreign players as we want.

2. What was your favorite sports team as a kid?

The Dodgers.

3. What is your favorite Kansas City barbecue?

Oklahoma Joe’s.

4. What is the worst advice a coach ever gave you?

No advice is bad advice.

5. Which teammate has the worst fashion sense?

Jamar (Beasley).

6. Lady Gaga: Love her, hate her or don’t care?

Love her.

7. Are you more likely to watch CSI or Jersey Shore?


8. Who is your dream date?

Rachel McAdams.

9. What person would you like to change places with for a day?

The Flying Tomato: Shaun White.

10. Who is the most overhyped soccer player in the world?

Next question.

11. How many text messages do you send a day?