The Full 90

Looking ahead to 2011

I spoke with OnGoal vice president of development David Ficklin today about Kansas City's World Cup bid.

More on that later this week, but I wanted to go over a couple of other things we talked about. All have to do with the Wizards in 2011.


So is he going to be a Wizard?

"He's our player," Ficklin said.

I was a bit confused and asked if I had missed something, and Ficklin said, "Isn't he?"

Nothing has been officially announced, so had Ficklin broken the news? Basically, yes.

"Omar Bravo is playing in this stadium next year," Ficklin said.

I told Ficklin I didn't want to get him in trouble for announcing Bravo to the Wizards before it was officially announced, so he added with a laugh: "I can't tell you what color kit he's wearing."

That, of course, led to a question about the team rebranding next season and Ficklin waved off that question saying that was up to the marketing guys.


Ficklin said the Wizards were in negotiations to open their new stadium at Village West next season with a U.S. national team game as part of the Gold Cup. It would be a doubleheader with the Wizards playing the other game.

The Gold Cup is scheduled to be held next June 5-25.