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What about the indoor guys?

The United States National Soccer Hall of Fame needs to change its name -- it should add the word “Outdoor," because the Hall seems to gloss over indoor soccer.

Just take a look at former Wizards star Preki.

His induction into the Hall is much-deserved. He was a two-time MLS All-Star, helped the Wizards win the 2000 MLS Cup and had a nice run with the U.S. national team.

But in every bio I’ve read, Preki’s indoor career is not mentioned.

That’s just plain wrong, because it neglects to mention Preki’s great contribution to the Major Indoor Soccer League, where he twice led the league in scoring and won an MVP award.

Among the criteria for consideration into the Hall, a player must have played at least five seasons in an American first-division professional league and have been selected as a league All-Star at least once.

Considering the North American Soccer League died in 1984 and Major League Soccer was not born until 1996, the Major Indoor Soccer League was the first-division professional league in this country in the interim.

As a kid, I attended Chicago Sting games when they were playing in the NASL. But when that league folded, the Sting moved indoors and I followed it there.

There were some talented indoor players -- Tatu and Steve Zungul are but two who leap to mind -- and it is a shame that the Hall of Fame hasn’t seen fit to include them.

This quote is at the Hall of Fame web site: “The mission of the National Soccer Hall of Fame is to Celebrate the History, Honor the Heroes, Inspire the Youth, and Preserve the Legacy of the sport of Soccer.”

But apparently not indoor soccer.