The Full 90

Interrogating Kerry Zavagnin

Good morning.

While Full 90 Czar Charles Gooch is away this week — he was Tiger Beat’s grand-prize winner (a one-week all-access tour with Justin Bieber) — we’ll be conducting some question-and-answer sessions with various members of the Wizards.

Up today is assistant coach Kerry Zavagnin.

What was your favorite sports team as a kid?

The New York Yankees

What is your favorite Kansas City barbecue?

Jack Stack

What is the worst advice a coach ever gave you?

Don’t worry about winning or losing, just have fun.

Lady Gaga: Love her, hate her or don’t care?


Are you more likely to watch CSI or Jersey Shore?


Who is your dream date?

My wife.

What person would you like to change places with for a day?

I’m OK.

Who is the most overhyped soccer player in the world?

Don’t have one.

How many text messages do you send a day?