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Is he or isn't he? Omar Bravo's status with Wizards still unclear

This is either going to be the worst-kept secret in Major League Soccer history or one of the league’s most bizarre tales.

The latest installment of the epic Omar Bravo story played out Saturday morning. That’s when Chivas Guadalajara announced that it had reached a deal with the Wizards that would allow Bravo to stay with the team for the rest of the year — albeit on loan from the Wizards.

This was all news to the team you’d least expect: the Wizards.

“There is nothing we’d want to do more than to announce a Designated Player,” said Rob Thomson, the Wizards’ vice president of communications. “There’s just no deal right now.”

So Bravo remains unsigned with the Wizards or MLS, although it sure seems as though they are working on signing the Mexican star.

You may recall that last month, Chivas announced that Bravo was leaving the team for the Wizards, who denied having signed him. Just a few days ago, reports began surfacing from Mexico that Chivas was hoping to keep Bravo, albeit on loan because, you know, he was headed to the Wizards.

Technical director Peter Vermes said there was no deal in place.

This is sort of like the Royals saying they were trying to keep Zack Greinke for a few months, even though the Yankees had signed him to a new contract. All the while the Yankees had not a clue what the Royals were talking about.

“I cannot speak for what Chivas is doing,” Thomson said.

It’s all so strange.

This is going to make for a great story when the dust settles, because either Bravo is going to be a Wizard in 2011 (as it certainly appears) or some other team has allowed Bravo to stay with Chivas on loan and we don’t which team that is.