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Extra time with Stephane Auvray

I had a story on Wizards midfielder Stephane Auvray in today’s paper, and there were a few tidbits about him that I couldn’t get in. They give a little more background on Auvray, so here it is ...

Auvray moved from Guadeloupe to France as a 14-year-old to play soccer, and he said the biggest adjustment was not necessarily leaving his parents.

“I really knew what I wanted to do and I knew I had to make the sacrifice,” Auvray said. “I was still seeing them every six months. But the weather was the worst.”

In particular, it was difficult playing in the winter.

“It was hard,” Auvray said. “The hardest part actually was the weather, because it’s always hot in the Caribbean. Being far from my parents was hard, but the hardest was to feel cold.”Auvray played in Normandy and visited Omaha Beach, so he got to visit an important place in World War II history.

By last year, he was in the south of France. That’s where people go on vacation, and Auvray said the lifestyle was decidedly low-key. There is a little faster pace in the States, but Auvray has adapted well here.He and his family have acclimated well. One of his favorite things to do is try a new restaurant each week.“I’m happy to discover something else,” Auvray said. “I want to keep discovering things professionally and personally.”