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Vote: Who should be The Full 90's player of the month for July?

July has been a fairly decent month for Kansas City: A four-point road trip, beating the world's most valuable team in a friendly and getting themselves back up into the playoff race. So, which player do you think had the biggest impact on the team last month?

Now that I have the power to make polls for the blog, it's time to open it up to the fans to vote for the Wizards' player of the month.

Here are the nominees.

Teal Bunbury

The Canadian striker was inserted into the lineup on July 14 against the Columbus Crew. He scored that night. In the next game against Colorado, he had a strike bang two posts and generally gave the Rapids fits. It was his play against Manchester United that opened up Davy Arnaud for the first goal of the game. And he got a "lucky" goal against Toronto this weekend that required about as much skill as any "lucky" goal ever has.

Jimmy Nielsen

There's not much more I can say about Jimmy Nielsen that I haven't said already. Here's what he did in July: 23 saves, 2 shutouts and 2 of the 5 goals scored on him were penalty kicks. He turned in one of the best 'keeper performances of the season against Columbus.

Davy Arnaud

Scored the opening goals against Man United and Colorado. Also, managed to avoid drawing a red card in five-straight games while playing aggressively the entire game.

Stephane Auvray

If you were to draw a map of the ground covered by Auvray during a regular game, it would look like a Family Circus cartoon map. Dude just flat out covers everything. As the team continues to work on turning defense into offense, Auvray will continue to be of massive importance.

Kei Kamara

Only managed a single goal for the month, but has settled in nicely (finally) on the right wing. His speed and size on the flanks gave Columbus and Manchester United all kinds of trouble.

Voting closes on Wednesday at 6 p.m.